The woman who had the passion of the christ had the perfect attitude during covid-19 outbreak

The woman was found in her sofa in her apartment after family and friends suspected something was wrong, as they hadn’t heard from her in a while.

Family and friends says she looked like she was dead, but then they realized she’d been quarantining for the past 2 years instead of the 2 weeks. After getting the woman to talk, she also spoke of how she watched Passion of The Christ over and over, and claims that the quarantine has brought her closer to God, and she believed the way to battle Covid-19 was by “Al Un Periodes attidues Passionelles Crusifixion della Grande Attaque Hysterique, ” in English, “the attitude of crusifixion”, or, more commonly known as the litteral passion of the christ. Family and friends are now inspired to be like her, and have retreated to their apartments, and continue to wash their hands and stay away from engaging in promiscuous activity with other people, simply because it’s the right thing to do.

When the woman was found she was apparently exactly like this illustration:


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