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The Choreologist
“The Choreologist” started as an online blog in 2014, now consisting of a small selection of both anonymous and non-anonymous contributors. The Choreologist is a dance, choreography, dance writing and methodology project that focuses on different ways of using text as a resource to generate performance material for choreography and dance making.

Writing for The Choreologist
The Choreologist accepts blog posts and articles by external authors upon request. Anonymous texts are also allowed. If you would like to write for us, you are welcome to send your text to: . 

 Not sure what to write? We are open minded. Anythiing news related, happy news, sad news, emotional news, artsy news, weird news from the world or dark news from the bottom of your heart – all news is news in a newspaper. A long tweet, a short article, a letter to someone, a letter to yourself, a thing you found that you want to share. But let’s admit it; our knees melt for the combination of text and movement. Dancy words. Yes, we believe words can dance.