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The Choreologist
“The Choreologist” started as an online blog in 2014, now consisting of a small selection of both anonymous and non-anonymous contributors. The Choreologist is a dance, choreography, dance writing and methodology project that focuses on different ways of using text as a resource to generate performance material for choreographers.

Writing for The Choreologist
– The Choreologist accepts blog posts and articles by external authors upon request. Anonymous texts are also allowed. All anonymous contributions are normally signed by The Choreologist, unless otherwise stated.

Send your text for review to: post@thechoreologist.com  or thechoreologist@gmail.com 


Dance company
The Choreologist is a dance company founded by dancer, choreographer and visual artist Ingrid Sørensen, and is the name under which she performs her own and co-created pieces from 2018.

Ingrid Sørensen / choreographer / head of company