Terapi 1 til 10 | Therapy 1 through 10

Therapy 1 through 10 is a choreographic theater piece. The play takes place in the therapeutic room, simply decorated with two chairs, a lamp and a door. Throughout the piece we will be acquainted with a nameless therapist, who has been referred a patient many therapists before him have not been able to help. The patient does not speak, and solely expresses herself by moving. The piece gradually takes us through the therapeutic process, as the therapist is challenged into understanding the language of the patient within the confines of the ten sessions they are delegated. By examining the existential isolation limiting connections between individuals, the piece aims to generate reflection on the limitations of language and diagnostics in the pursuit of understanding and helping another human being.

Technical Requirements: 1 light technician, 1 sound technician

Number of Dancers: 2 (1 understudy)

Actors: 2 (1 understudy)

Duration: 40 minutes

Premiere: TBA