About The Paper

Welcome to The Choreologist. The Choreologist is a newspaper. In the newspaper you can read stories of a world that didn’t exist, of a wolrd of which we are not sure where to put, other than in your digital and physical minds, by writing and sharing from it. In this world are tales and reports of a world in black and white where the only thing which is real and in color, are the performances and shows of litterature, music, theatre, and dance.

The Choreologist consists of different writers and characters that contribute together to the writings and content of the paper. If you have any questions about copyright or fair use, please e-mail to post@thechoreologist.com or thechoreologist@gmail.com and we will try and help you as best we can.

Our dance company The Choreologist was established in 2018. The company consistsed first of Julie Schartum Dokken, Susanne Brekka Djuma and Ingrid Sørensen. Read about the dance company and the dancers here.