If you want to get to know the choreologist

Find out where she lives.

Investigate her trash for torn notes and wet napkins. Discover there is no lipstick or no mascara, just pure salty napkins.

Stand up on the bridge and look out between the trees and into a window at 3rd floor. Count how much furniture you see in her apartment.

Count the days between each packed moving box.

Analyze the lyrics in the music she listens to.

Count the number of times she goes down into a Penchée throughout the day.

Find out what a Penchée is. Then count her releves, her arabesques and her attitudes.

Figure out she makes other movements much more often.
Try to make up names for them.
No, go on!

Don`t think too much about her boyfriend.
Don`t think too much about what there was or wasn`t.

Don`t think too much about her at all.


Don`t follow her on Instagram.

Don`t call her.

Don`t contact her anonymously.

But please,

Stand there, and stare.

That`s all she ever is. There is no person behind her. A career based on dance and pure choreology is just that:

physical presence,

and aesthetics.

If you`re a pessimist, that is.

If not,
– please come on in.