Gikk ned og ut med en enorm pose rask fra her om dagen. Helte gamle pigmenter oppi gessoen og rørte hardt rundt. Kan jeg ta med dette? Nei. En egen bunke med bøker og flere andre hauger med det samme svaret, nei, på en tung tegneskuff som jeg heller selger. Lengselene etter et helt tomt rom. Fortsetter å rydde, full av energi, alt bare funker funker funker. Nå skjer det.

When I was asked what my favorite video game was, I held my breath for a moment. Did I have one? The answer was unexpected. It's not a new game. It's not a long game, and it's not a very hard game. Released 1. octobre 2015, The Beginners Guide, lasts only a little more than an hour. As much as The Beginners Guide was an interesting game experience in and of itself, it was just as interesting to play the game and then read a bunch of articles and interpretations ABOUT the game, all of which trying to make sense of it in their own way.  It's not a first person shooter, it's not an RPG, it's not a novel and it's not quite a game. Game reviewers, art professors and underground bloggers have written about this game. The Beginner's Guide is a

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I boarded a ship; it had large, beautiful windows but not much floor space. A couple of sofas angled towards each other in the middle. The guy conducting the tour was quite a character. He showed me a screen behind me with a wall of possibilities, some kind of interface to an AI that you could prompt for the life you wanted. He said,

"You have to breathe with your ears and eyes. You'll be alright."

So, for me to be s...

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