They run around in circles, showing each other the world up there, each standing behind each, pointing to the sky, then walking away, showing their sons and daughters where to go, then leaving , continuing the process, Pointing to the sky, leaving, pointing to the sky, leaving.

One of them holds their fist in the air. Protesting or trying to state something is wrong, to make right. Revolution?

For a while they all participate together in something that looks like

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Five years after the nazis invaded Fornebu april 9th, NRK reported, by Hartvig Kiran, that the nazis had surrendered. At the end of the broadcast were sent 16 special notices, among them "Tobent Rev" (Fox on two legs), "Kalvedans til frokost" (Calf dance for breakfast) and "Kjærlighet uten strømper" (love with no socks). These were coded messages for Milorg and british agents in Norway. In this episode, one could also hear the morse code for...

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