Iustitia is a dance performance that was first shown in 2016, and then again developed in an enlongated version in 2017 . The piece investigates the old symbol of justice, Iustitia, and her journey to peace, friendship and recovery from trauma after sexual violence and PTSD.

The show was funded and sponsored by:
Fond for Lyd og Bilde
Fond for Utøvende Kunstnere
PION – Prostituertes Interesseorganisasjon i Norge
DIXI – Ressurssenter Mot Voldtekt
ROS – Rådgivning om Spiseforstyrrelser
COLSETH – Norges Ledende på Levende Lys
Pain Solution

Koreografi : Ben King, Ingrid Sørensen
Dansere: Susanne Leine Brekka, Julie Dokken, Sølvi Egeland Larsen, Ingrid Sørensen

Summary of performance: e-mail to request password for long version. ingrid@ingridsorensen.no
5 minute summary: link
2 minute trailer: link
1 minute trailer: link
IG trailers: link

by Helene Fjell
by Torkel Mona
by Dan Michael Løvdahl