«Switch places!» said The Mad Hatter.
Went to a different restaurant again today, it didn’t help.
Stayed up all night ruminating over that swollen ancle (1).

After the new restaurant didn’t help, I got flushed by a feeling of resignment.

It’s time to move.

You said, when we asked each other were you will be in five or ten years, you said, something along the lines of

I see you moving

I got five new comments on my blog posts today, and they all started with the word “Meclizine”, which is a pill for motion-sickness. (2)

Something about this city has a firm grip on me, so as if Im scared to be punished if I try moving away from you. I dream of moving, and of having moved…

This year I received something that feels like a lifetime sponsorship. I could literally go anywhere I want now. So where do I want to go? I couldn’t tell. There must be somewhere. There must be something more than this. I will be try and long hauling this. Just this one performance, just this one more thing, one more innocent little hand dance, the one there was something-about-that-hand-dance, and then?

– TC

  1. If you want to be inside the choreologist
  2. Meclizine