Nåland | Nowland (new show!)

Nåland/Nowland is a dance piece set in the town of “Nowland”, where one day the small town is hit by a mysterious disease which affects men and women very differently. The city’s community quickly starts to make adjustments to overcome and live with the disease, but this has another impact on people’s well being and everyday life: women are mysophonic, men show symptoms that resemble bleeding disorder, also called Hemofilia. The city’s hard corners and rough edges are plastered in soft materials as to not let any men bump into them, and men are encouraged to speak outside, whilst women wearing giant headsets to shield them from the noises of the ouside world. Can our couple learn to deal with all the noise and the hard edges and finally get to live together again?

Number of dancers required: 2
Choreographer: Ingrid Sørensen | Tese |
Production: The Choreologist
Phase: pre-production
Tecnical requirements: TBA soon