Love without socks, calf dance for breakfast, and a fox on two legs

Five years after the nazis invaded Fornebu april 9th, NRK reported, by Hartvig Kiran, that the nazis had surrendered. At the end of the broadcast were sent 16 special notices, among them “Tobent Rev” (Fox on two legs), “Kalvedans til frokost” (Calf dance for breakfast) and “Kjærlighet uten strømper” (love with no socks). These were coded messages for Milorg and british agents in Norway. In this episode, one could also hear the morse code for victory.

How to hide in absence (adsense)
Love it

What did she mean by that?
Shes just kidding.
No, I swear it means something.

Comeon, come inside. Open your laptop, sit down.
Grab a coffee. Just sit, wait

Remember when you,

I, was drawn to the spaces I might meet you, yes.
that strong opinion of yours, what is it? Edges and blisters, can`t say I’ve seen them, less sure they are there. You wouldn’t not be someone of content. I dream of

empty human beings throwing themselves off,

contentless people,

scrolling themselves down off the
screensaver for breakfast
32 years and no scrambled eggs
for lunch is strawberry
cake and fields and
fields and
fields of tiny long crows feet written on wet napkins spread through three different trash cans, for no reason other than to appear so

I got a box today at Clas
It was just large enough to fit the entire thing, now I have a drawer full of no-thing, and I intend to keep it that way until
we have arrived at where we always wanted to be
something that is safe but looks frightened,
or something that looks frightened but is very safe,

or just something that has never been looked at before like you looked at it, like you still look at it
you can
look at it, you know
you can
sit down with it, the goo.


The laptop, the coffee, the writing, the reading, the (that was a very polite) smile, got an eye operation so I dont wear glasses anymore,

so just LOOK!

She used to say, I only do what I can afford, and now I can afford, I can afford, I can
offer you a
Yes you can sit down yes you can

Hitting the threshold now,
It’s all fun and games,
we’re just feral sociologists mingling with their clan. We are a pack of two (sometimes four) , it adds to the lore.

We go down a long line of textraverted people, and some are here only to see how much of this goo they can chug down before it starts to feel mean-ing-ful.
This day is supposed to be a jubilee, but we are exhausted you and I.
The difference is now I can squander you and you can no longer blame me for not taking care of you, you just need to talk to people (me).
You`re lucky you got me. And if you follow me, there is really no limit to the luck, but it feels like you couldnt possibly have been dealt a card deck this good.
If you follow my advice your head will never hurt like that ever, ever again.

And that Yes on that big fat paper, means
sssSomeone who has read things before , someone-who-works-with-this-stuff-someone ,
You know you won’t believe it until its been a while, but

its you and a simpleton of a table, chair, coffee, laptop,




Lets release


Its not that hard,
the good
the Love without socks
the Calf dance for breakfast
And your own 6ft 2in
Fox on two legs.