“What’s the point?” at Scenehuset 15th June 2022

We are developing our piece from 2019, What’s The Point? for Oslo Jazzdansfestival 2022. We are excited to be part of the programme VISJONER, and will perform at Scenehuset 15th june! Julie Schartum Dokken and Martine Bentsen will be dancing to this piece that has been through quite some tranformation since we first showed it in early 2019, before covid broke out. In this piece, approximately 30 minutes long, we simply ask the question “What’s the point?” physically, and mentally. As dancers and performers we are subjected to numerous rules and expected to undero rigurous training. Where do we go from here? What’s the point is a technical dance piece about dance technique and aestetics, made for an audience of both dancers and non-dancers.

Tickets for 18:30: https://swaypayment.com/…/oslo-jazzdansfestival-oslo… Tickets for 20:00: https://swaypayment.com/…/oslo-jazzdansfestival–oslo…

Where: bogstaveien 49, Oslo

More info about the event: www.oslojazzdansfestival.no