What’s the point?

What’s The Point is a choreography with two dancers revolving around the topic of the most used (or least, depending on the dancer you ask) movement in modern, jazz, contemporary dance and ballet: the point.

The show was first shown at the UBI NOrdic Conference at Chateau Neuf in april 2019, then reworked and commissioned in a further developed version for Dansekunst i Grenland (Dance in Grenland) in may, where we got lucky to be invited back again for Tid for Dans (Time for Dance), a dance festival in Ælvespeilet, Porsgrunn the same year.

At all these showings we got great feedback that we will use to develop and improve the show further into an allnighter. We are currently taking a step back from it to work on choreographing new material, finding further funding and seeing where we want to take this piece.

Technical requirements :

Number of dancers : 2
Assistants on stage: 1 or 0 , depending on venue
Duration of piece: available in variations between 10 and 30 minutes
Sound: stereo speakers

Music: by Balabolka and text to voice readers
Text: The Choreologist
Choreography: Julie Dokken, Susanne Brekka Djuma, Ingrid Sørensen
Video Projection and 3D rendering: Sahak Sahakian | Lubitel and Ingrid Sørensen

contact: ingrid@ingridsorensen.no

Below: excerpt from 3d rendered video of “points” as cubes