Why the thing, lone wolf as a woman

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Why, the lone wolf, as a woman, is a woman
Always .

Looking for the next
thing, edge of the bed so you can
always leave a thing

Hugging tall skinny boys over
am sour

Hearts defibrillating
Pal pirating

Pity thing
WIld thing

We never had a thing
A thing like this kind a thing

Red things blue
Black and white
Gray thing
Fall thing

He got
believes you are a
Gay thing

Don’t change a thing

Don’t waste my
Sleep kicks
Eye tics

You said, you don’t have to do the
Get in and leave by may thing.
It doesn’t have to get
bad, thing
Sad thing,
It could be really a nice kinda good thing?

What you said, was, it doesn’t have to get bad.