Wolf of main street, come Ride the ghost train

Wolf of main St (David Yarrow)

What kind of animal are you? List four. The first is the one your family thinks you are, the second is what your friends think you are, the third is what you want to be, and the last one is the one you are.Footlose.

Royal Ascot.

In the end, you are just a Grumpy Monkey.

I asked Emma.
I will complete the Circle of Life II, I’m a
Nevermind about the Economy. This time, you just rent the nicest most expensive space you can find!
Just come with me, Ride The Ghost Train. Comeon Gangsta. I know you wanna.
– You know there is A Ship Called Dignity?
The one you’re in is loaded with Antz.
– No Nearer…
– Catch!
In class we improvise and I imagine that something took my Face Off.
– who?
– My ship is loaded with The big Happy Bear.

As we walk by the Mystic River we throw back and forth.

Where’s your sister from
– I don’t know, Harbin?

My ship is loaded with this Swan Lake, I think to myself.

In my dream my family and I walk through a snow storm. Along the way we stumble into The Emperor Of The North. I Rush to get to you, cause I love you I love you I love you I love you. NO! It’s all very Lion King, I run from you, but  it’s Savages at the same time, and everything is read. Primeval. Primavera. But you and I are walking down this river, it’s name is Funnel Creek. I move my gaze up and down the water, hoping to encounter Fisher King.

Oh-oh, here it comes my way.

– Nice catch!

The Crossing.

– And you? You. You Walk for hours only to give Hairspray to  The Girl On The Hill, you are Unforgiven.
– And my ship is loaded with Elephants.

Uprising On the Catwalk are no Girls on Film, but The Siberians in Detroit. The Prize? 78 Degrees North. Keep on moving. A few neutical miles and you will find a river, it’s name is Vån and they say that it consists of the drool of Fenris.

– Hello? Mrs Chicken mc Nuggets auditioning in American Idol I.
– …
– We’re on a ghost train, aren’t we? Anything can happen.
You throw it back to me.
– The Beast.
– Beauty.
– WTF. King Kong.
– Say thank you!
– The Good The Bad and The (your) Ass.

The Jungle Book Stories continue.

– Desert Flight.
– Eye of The Tiger.
– The Don.
– Exodus.
– The Proud Night Watchman.
– The King & I had dinner last night, are you jealous?
– Like Pigs in a Factory.

I catch and pause for a moment, turning away from you.
– The Puzzle, you still haven’t solved it: Bear Walks Into a Bar… in The Wild West.
The Landlord. Mankind 2 & someone insisting the world really is B&W.

The Killer.

Wolf of Main Street 3.

Heaven Can Wait


Giraffe City


Jaws in the fairytale,


Who are you? The Rock Star? The Musk Ox? The Focused Wolf? The Blacksmith?

You’re Father and Son
Ypu’re Kung Fu Panda on Mother’s Day

You walk the Full Nine Yards
like Jesus.
– but there are only two footsteps, in the snow…
– you don’t get it.

Together we will be The Untouchables, like when we first met and you hated life, but I loved it, and you loved me, so you had to love life too.

– What do you want?
– ….

– Our ship is loaded with…
– Wild Encounters

– or, just a…
…Small photo…
…Special edition…
…Signed and numbered?

Wolf of main St (David Yarrow, will you puh-lease release your prints in smaller editions. Text above is made from the full title list of works hanging in Fine Art Tjuvholmen’s exhibition with David Yarrow happening right now.)

av: Ingrid Sørensen for The Choreologist 2017